Buy a Website

While this website is more about helping people learn how to build and profit from a website of their own, I know firsthand how intimidating that can be for a beginner. Starting from zero with nothing can make a lot of people simply turn away and never try.

If you want a little help to get your Internet marketing adventure going, buying a preexisting site can be a great way to start. Here is a list of some of my current sites I'd be OK with selling.

The prices of these sites represent not just their current earnings, but their age and other metrics as well. And, these are all built out sites, not only domains with thin content.​

Site #




Referring Domains

Top 100 Keywords


Average Monthly Earnings (USD)

Asking Price (USD)



Travel, Asia

6 Years



White Hat






1.5 years



Gray Hat



off market



Jobs, Career

1 Year








Sports, Fitness

11 Months






*Metrics such as referring domains and keyword count are pulled from Ahrefs. Earnings are a rough rolling average estimate of the previous 3 months.

- Updated July 2017

Advantages of Buying an Existing Website

There's absolutely nothing wrong with building your own website from scratch. In fact, I recommend it. It really helps you learn and understand all of the many parts that go into building and marketing an online business. ​

But as I said before, sometimes that is just too much to bite off at one time. Buying a website that's already up and running has a few advantages.

Here are some of them:

  • The domain is already indexed an aged -- no Google sandbox to deal with letting you hit the ground running
  • The initial keyword research has already been done saving you time and money
  • Good content is expensive and takes time to either write or have written -- an existing site has its base content already
  • The site may already be ranking for some solid keywords
  • There may already be some actual earnings letting you know your investment won't be a dud
  • There already may be some SEO work done, saving you time and money
  • If you plan on owning a large portfolio of websites, building them all from scratch is a slow process. Buying existing sites saves you loads of time

You can also have websites built for you if you have something specific in mind but don't want to go through the hassle of dealing with the content and design yourself.