Internet Marketing Resources

On this site I sometimes mention, discuss, or recommend certain software applications or services. I decided it would only make sense to make a list of all of those here for easy reference. 

I either still use them, or have used them at one point.

I also want to be clear that with this list, as on this site, I may receive a commission should you decide to purchase one or more of these resources at no extra cost to you.

Now, on to the list!


If you have your own website, you need to host it somewhere. I use a variety of hosts. They all have their various pros and cons, such as price, speed, and intent of your site. Here are some of the hosts I use or have used and have no problem using again should the need arise.


Whether you are looking for simple shared hosting, hosting specifically for WordPress sites, dedicated hosting for sites that get major traffic, or even reseller hosting so you can in effect white label their hosting as your own, ​SiteGround have you covered.

If that wasn't enough, their reputation for having the best customer service in the industry should be the cherry on top.


Bluehost is simple but trustworthy host for small to medium sites. It's great because it meshes well with WordPress, which is what many smaller sites are built on, including mine.

WP Engine

If you need a high end hosting solution and you use WordPress, then WP Engine is a must have.  This is the type of hosting you'll want for a big time authority website.​


This is the only hosting I've used when I wasn't running an informational or affiliate site, but an e-commerce site instead. Shopify is more than just hosting, it's a full-fledged e-commerce platform.​

Domain Registrars

There's plenty of places to buy your website name from, but I only use a couple domain registrars. I have used more than these two, but they are the two I prefer.


This is by far my favorite place to register new domains names. They are reasonably priced, but on top of that, they are about as transparent of a company that you'll ever do business with.


Hover is a great alternative that I use sometimes if they're running a promo or I want to mix up the registration profiles of some of my sites. ​

WordPress Themes

One of the things that makes WordPress so awesome is that you can change so many aspect of it, including the styling, by using different themes. There are a lot of free themes in the WordPress repository, but you'll probably want a premium theme for any site you plan on making into an earner. 


Whether you need one theme, or a whole suite of themes and accompanying plugins, you won't go wrong with MyThemeShop. They have some very excellent designs.


The Genesis theme suite by StudioPress is an excellent professional option for WordPress themes. I've used it for many sites.


While I prefer the whole Genesis suite, sometimes it's nice to get a one-off theme that has a different look. For those instances I jump onto ThemeForest.​

Email Marketing

A big part of digital marketing is building an email list. That usually require two important pieces: the lead capture forms and the email autoresponder. 


I use AWeber to store my email list and manage my email campaigns. I just find them to be fairly priced, easy to use, and reliable.​

Thrive Leads

AWeber has its own set of forms for collecting email addresses, but they aren't the best. I use the Thrive Leads plugin as it has tons of features and it integrates easily with AWeber.​

This simple list is enough to get you start one building a great website. You can get a domain name, hosting, WordPress themes, and lead capture forms with an autoresponder. 

If you're not sure how all of these work in unison, please take a look at my Beginner's Guide to SEO, which goes into each aspect of the above list in extreme detail.​