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$1,000 Challenge: Update 6

We are really moving along now. It's been a few weeks since the last update. But that's because I have not done much but try to have some patience, which seems like a truly important character trait to have in modern SEO.

The biggest work that was done (outsourced) last update was getting some links from Human Proof Designs.

Since that left me with only $207 in remaining budget, I have basically been waiting to see the results start to filter in before making any more moves.

My First Round of Links

At the time of my purchase, Human Proof Designs only offered one-time 10 link and 15 link options. I had to opt for the 10 links option due to budget constraints. 

Since then, they have started a monthly service that's pretty hands-off: https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/monthly-links/

That's a pretty cool service if you know you will be continuously growing your site.

As far as my links, it has since been about 4 weeks from my purchase. We're starting to see some nice things happening -

human proof designs link success

While we aren't page 1 yet, that's not bad for a site that's this young and only has a press release, some 2.0 links and just got it's first round of 10 PBN links.

I fully expect to see this slide up a little more over the next few days and to see some lower volume long tails start making moves as well.

I also wish I would have had the budget for the 15 links instead of 10, but the rules of the challenge are the rules of the challenge.

Spending the Rest of My Budget

I don't plan on adding more content, though I would if I had the money in the budget to do so. I like to trickle in new content while I work on my links.

It keeps the site fresh and growing, and it also adds more potential conversion points.

But, since we have a little more than $200 to work with, it's going to go to more links.

We know we have a nice 1,100/month keyword showing promise as it moved up on to page 2. It's for the page I targeted with the first round of HPD links

Since the PR links should still be enough anchor text variation and are pointed to the homepage, I'm going to order another round of links going after the same review page.

This time however I am going to use a service I helped set up: Diversity Links

Why a Different Service?

I just used HPD links and it's showing promise. Why change?

If you asked that, hats off to you. It's a very good question. 

First, there's nothing wrong with them, and going in for another round would be fine. But, I don't have enough money left for another round of 10 links.

I could jump into the 5 links a month recurring plan for $159, and then cancel after the first salvo. That's a perfectly acceptable plan. But, I also like to mix up my link building as much as possible. 

I like to have a whole crazy spread on anchor text. I like to have links from all kinds of sources, like a PR, 2.0 sites, forums, blog comments, images links, etc. I love the randomness of it all, as I feel that looks incredibly natural. 

So, I am going to mix in some oddball CMS links along with the WordPress links I got from HPD

Different CMS Links?

Yes, most blog networks rely on using WordPress. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that as an insane amount of the Internet uses WordPress or a CMS built off the WordPress core.

But, as I stated, I like to mix things up, and Diversity Links gives me that option. 

There are three plans to choose from:

  • 5 non-WordPress links (Joomla, Drupal, Serendipity, etc.) 
  • 5 non-WP links and 5 WordPress links
  • 5 non-WP links, 5 WP links, and 5 2.0 sites with 3 posts each

I like those options!

Which Choice is Best?

Again, due to my budget I am very limited. The only option I have even close to enough money left for is the "Essential Diversity" package. On face value, I don't really even have enough for that as it runs $229 and I only have $207. 

However, due to knowing the team over there, I know if you reach out, they will cut you a deal for $197 if you are a first time buyer. Lucky me!

I didn't just work that out for me though. Just message them in the chat box on their site and they'll hook you up as well. 

And, if that isn't cool enough, if you mention my name when you order any time through the rest of November, they'll throw in an extra link. That's a $45 value!

Check them out here: https://diversitylinks.co

In Summary

This entire update was about link building (again). We also basically churned through the rest of the budget. 

Here is where everything is at -

The Good - We are 100% done with the work and outsourcing at this point. Now, it's a waiting game.

The Bad - I really wish I had a bigger budget. A few more posts and an extra round or two of links would really help.

Money Spent - Before this update, I had $207 left in the budget

After the $197 spent on the Diversity Link Essential Diversity package  - 

Current Total Spend: $990

Remaining Budget: $10

Time Spent - I didn't spend much time at all. I only ordered 5 more links, and I knew what page they were going to. I think I maybe put in less than 10 minutes in total. I'll round up to 15 to keep things simple.

That brings the total time invested to 13 and 3/4 hours.

Next Step -  Now, I wait. I am basically out of money, so what we get is what we get. In about 6 weeks I'll draw a winner, and I hope by then he or she gets a site that is getting some legit organic traffic.

At the very least they'll have a site that's primed and ready for the next level.

That's it for now.  And, if you're looking for a rankings boost, I urge you to check out the Human Proof Designs link program, their monthly link program, and Diversity Links.

Thanks, and keep hustling!

  • Derick Shaffer

    It may seem simple to you but updates like this are so helpful! Love the transparency and logic that follows each move you make. Thanks Tim!

    • Tim

      Hey Derick,

      Thanks for the kind words. I know when I first got started it was A LOT to take in, and the industry has only become more complicated since.

  • I have been following this since day 1, but I am gutted I missed out on being entered into the competition. And now that I know that this works, I feel confident about HOW I go about getting a site to rank.

    What I would be interested in is how you pick your niche(s). I mean, I have ideas (like picking things I am actually interested in), but I have no idea whether it will be a good turn of investment.

    And also, did you have to provide the keywords that would be used for the link diversity? Or was that done by at their descretion by the link builders?

    That said, this has been really helpful. I can use this model to rank some of my own personal websites and hope that the same method works. Albeit, one at a time. I do not have that much expendable cash.

    • Tim

      Hey Terry, sorry you couldn’t join. Maybe I can do a different challenge in the future. I appreciate the comment though, and I hope some of the stuff I go over and try helps out your sites.

      As far as picking niches and whatnot, I kind of look for niches that I feel aren’t hyper-competitive. Protein for instance looks like a tough one, but something more obscure should in theory be easier.

      For the Diversity Links, they work with you to come up with what anchors you want to use, so they will make suggestions, but it’s your choice in the end if you’re set on something else.

  • Well done, very interested to see the outcome,
    Maybe spend the last $10 on blog comment links? lol, to further the link diversity

  • Dennis

    I haven’t read the other five reports but what about outreach? This doesn’t have to cost anything. Perhaps an idea for a future give away case study. You can get Scrapebox for $99 I think or rent a VPS that has it preintsalled, buy Email Extractor Pro and scrape email addresses from the list you scraped (just one time $59 no affiliation with either), and you virtually have an unlimited stream of quality whitehat links for just a one time investment.

    Okay sure you also need to write or outsource those actual guest posts, or make a stunning infographic so it’s not totally cost free but I think it would be better value for the money.

    Sure I’m also into the PBN space so perhaps it’s a little odd coming from my mouth but for a case study like this where you’re constrained for money I think legit outreach done in a semi-automated way is definitely the way to go.

    • Tim

      Hey Dennis, that’s a great idea. I actually think that would be a good way to continue the growth of the site. The main goal from the beginning was to try and spend as little time as possible on the site outsourcing what I could while remaining under $1,000. That was very limiting as I found out. But, if I was to keep the site, I think your idea would be very awesome for taking it to the next level.

  • Sabir Smaa

    Hi Tim,
    What is the update now? Did you make any change to the site? getting sales?
    Please let us know. We’re waiting for your update!

    • Tim

      Hey Sabir,

      I’m actually writing the last post of the Giveaway series as I type this. I think it should go live Monday (fingers crossed).