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$1,000 Outsourced Niche Site Challenge & Giveaway

Are you ready for some Internet marketing and SEO fun? I hope so, because I am. At least, I hope this is fun and not a massively stressful and sadistic online adventure I’m exposing myself to.

So, what is the $1,000 challenge the title refers to? It’s a pretty simple idea where I put $1,000 of my own money into building and marketing a site that you could win.

Yes, you read that correctly. I plan on giving this new site away to one of my readers.

If that sounds good to you, then keep on reading.

The Idea

Over the last few years I have made some decent money by building small affiliate sites from scratch, getting them to rank for reasonably profitable keywords, and either putting them on autopilot and collecting the modest commissions, or flipping them for a profit.

But, anyone that’s babied an affiliate site from non-existence to something that another person might want to spend good money on acquiring knows it can be a major time sink. The busier you get with other ventures makes it only that much harder to nurse a site from infancy to full maturity.

That led me to the idea of trying to outsource almost all of my next site. With all of the great services available now, I’m fairly confident I can get a nice looking site put together and earning at least a little for under $1,000, though it’s far from a sure bet.

The Plan

The plan is simple. I have a maximum $1,000 USD budget for the entire site. That’s for content, hosting, and everything else. I plan to only focus on marketing the site through SEO, so none of that money will go to ads or any other form of marketing.

I am also going to outsource most of the process, though not 100% of it.

What I Will Do

I have no idea if this site will be a success, but I’m going to do what I can within my budget to try and make it one. That means I am going to do a few things myself.

They are:

  • choose my domain name
  • setup hosting
  • do my own keyword research
  • plan the site architecture
  •  choose the WordPress theme
  • upload and format the content myself

If you already have a small team in place, you could even pass off some of these tasks, but I want to take the approach as if I am one person with nothing more than a small budget.

What I Will Outsource

This is the fun part. I really hope I can get good results by outsourcing a few major aspects of building a niche site. And, for whatever it’s worth, this is going to be more of a gray hat approach as my budget is small and I’m trying to minimize the amount of personal time I put into the site.

Here’s what I plan to pay for:

  • social account creation
  • content writing
  • logo/graphic design
  • link building

I could take this a little further and just buy a prebuilt site instead of ordering content to build a site around myself, but I want to have a little more control over the site architecture and content formatting. This is mainly due to having very little budget leftover for links after getting the site setup. So, I really want to make sure the on-page is to my liking.

And, if it totally tanks, I cannot blame it on the site design.

The Rules

The rules for this challenge are arbitrary since it’s a one-person contest, but I figure I should lay something out to keep me honest. Overall, the rules are short and simple.

  • I cannot spend more than $1,000 on the site (hosting, content, links, etc.)
  • I will outsource most of the work aside from the planning and initial setup
  • I won’t use any other form of marketing like paid ads
  • I won’t give out the URL to avoid getting a bunch of unearned links (spam or not), and to protect the site for when I give it to the contest winner
  • I will give updates when I make significant changes

I don’t think I missed anything and I don’t want to make this too complex, so I am going to keep this part short and sweet.

The Contest

Here’s where the fun starts. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I plan on giving the niche site away. The winner won’t have to pay a single penny.

There are a few stipulations to this giveaway though.

  • The winner will need a Namecheap account for me to push the domain to
  • The winner will need his or her own hosting
  • I need to get at least 250 unique user entries
  • You may need to sign up for an affiliate program as I’m not sure what affiliate program I’ll use on the new site at the time I am writing this
  • I am only accepting entries for the first 30 days after the launch
  • I will pick the winner via software approximately 6 months from the date this post goes live. That day is 1/20/2018.

Sound good? If so, then enter below.

*The Contest is now Closed

Thanks for reading and hopefully entering. I have to run and start doing some keyword research.

Until next time,