The Goals of This Blog

This site was started as a way for me to tinker with digital marketing ideas and tools without having to worry about damaging a business's primary website. I also wanted a place to put down my thoughts and rants about industry trends. 

As the website has grown I have tried to make it less about me and more about passing on digital marketing knowledge I have learned over the past 5+ years.

Here are my current goals:

  • Write from real experience
  • Try to give at least one piece of realistic actionable information in each post
  • Reply to any comments and email I receive personally

Sound fair?

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Kind Words from Readers

I am lucky enough to have started to meet some of the goals listed above. Here's what a couple of readers have to say about this site in their own words -

 Steve Jones 


I have been following Tim on his recent journey and, as a complete novice, I have found his easy manner and simple explanations about how he is getting things done has been indispensable. I have been able to apply the information from his updates to my own sites and, hopefully, they will now begin to get some much-needed attention.


 Dan N. 


Tim has helped me tremendously with my websites. His customer service is second to none!!!! Any question that i have, either basic or advanced, he responds immediately. Thanks Tim!!!

About Timothy Backes

Like most people that make it to this site and this page in particular, I wasn't always involved in digital marketing and SEO. My path to where I am today has been long and unconventional.

I started my very first website about twelve years ago. I had no clue what I was doing. It was awful.

tim backes

Needless to say, trying to learn how to code raw HTML in five-minute chunks when working in an office, while at the same time learn how to market it was a path to certain failure. I gave up pretty quickly.

Years later after moving from the USA to Taiwan, I ending up working in a textbook publisher's office. Part of my job entailed assisting English teachers while simultaneously marketing our books to them via Facebook. I also had to do a lot of market research in the TechEd field.

It sparked my digital marketing curiosity again, and luckily, I had a good amount of time to mess around on a new site. This time I also had the help of WordPress.

Since then, I have built and sold small niche sites, worked as an in-house SEO for a successful SaaS business, worked in the digital marketing department for a large integrated advertising agency, and worked on other large client sites.

There's still a lot I want to do in this industry, and I hope to share what I learn along the way with others starting their own online journey. 

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