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$1,000 Challenge: Final Update + Special Offer!


It’s been awhile, but now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work.  I originally stated the giveaway would be on 1/20/2018. But, as we’re basically done (no more money!), I figured handing it over a few days early is fine.  First, I want to summarize the whole process and see where we […]

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$1,000 Challenge: Update 6

burning money

We are really moving along now. It’s been a few weeks since the last update. But that’s because I have not done much but try to have some patience, which seems like a truly important character trait to have in modern SEO. The biggest work that was done (outsourced) last update was getting some links from […]

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$1,000 Challenge: Update 5

chain links

The giveaway site is up, it has content, and that content is indexing. Now the real fun starts! Having a nice niche site is great, but it’s just a toy if it’s not earning any revenue.  Good long-form content, like what you can get from HPD’s content service is a solid first step. With decent keyword research, […]

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$1,000 Challenge: Update 4.5

website post

Yes, I have skipped “Update 4” due to hosting issues. I sent an email to those of you who entered, so I am not going to go into a long-winding rant about it on here as well. The good news is the site is up, though I still need to clean it all up. How fun! Also, […]

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$1,000 Challenge: Update 3


Another week, another update. We are at about 165 entries so far.  I am still aiming for about 250 unique entries, so hopefully the word continues to spread as there’s only three days left to join. If you have yet to join, you can do so here: *The Entry Period for This Contest has Closed Ready for part 3? If so, […]

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