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Financial Firewalls: Establishing Personal Finance Safety Nets

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Anyone that knows me irl knows I am the furthest thing from a personal finance guru. I know the basics of course, but once someone starts talking about anything beyond that my eyes start to glaze over. That doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously though. I know firsthand how a couple of poor financial […]

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Lifestyle Audit & Applying the 80/20 Rule

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I recently wrote about taking a new direction with this site. That idea was not birthed from out of the blue. I’ve had a pretty chaotic last several years, and 2019 seems to be no exception. Some of the bigger events that have taken place this year are and not at all limited to:Taking a new […]

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Change of Direction

It has been awhile since I lasted posted, and for good reason. To be perfectly frank, I have been at a crossroads as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this website.  I have had a couple people contact me privately with some good ideas, like publish more SEO case studies, discuss ranking affiliate […]

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