Sharing is Appreciated

Change of Direction

It has been awhile since I lasted posted, and for good reason. To be perfectly frank, I have been at a crossroads as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this website. 

I have had a couple people contact me privately with some good ideas, like publish more SEO case studies, discuss ranking affiliate sites in more detail, and some other really solid suggestions. But, I was honestly having some motivation problems with spending the necessary time creating solid useful content that isn't just a rehash of something readily available elsewhere after working all day every day in the digital marketing industry.

Website Reboot

I was discussing some general life goals with a trusted friend and he offered up the idea of actually writing about more personal information, such as what it's like to leave the nine-to-five office life, working remotely, family life, and so on. 

I really like the idea.

However, while it's all too easy to write or talk about oneself, the hard part is trying to determine how much is OK to share online and what you should keep to yourself or within your close peer group. 

Regardless, I like the idea, and the new plan is to run with that concept.

Making this change of direction leaves me with a bit of a chicken or the egg problem though. I do want to redesign and reorganize the site a bit so it fits with my plans. But, I also don't want to get bogged down in trying to make it look like more than it is or will be: a bit of a throw back to what blogs actually used to be. 

The working plan is to write when I feel I have something interesting to write about, or I feel like I have made a step forward in my goals. Or, maybe even if I feel I took a step back or had a change of plans. 

I'll work on the actually site updates around that, as the information should take precedent over the presentation. 

Possible Topics & Themes

I don't want to completely disregard the info about digital marketing, as that's a major part of my life. When I feel I have something useful to discuss I want a place to be able to do that. I also don't want to trash anything I have written in the past. 

But, some other more lifestyle related topics and themes I am thinking about including are: 

  • the pros and cons of working remotely
  • personal finance planning and goals
  • family life
  • travel for both work and fun

I'm just spitballing with some of those, but I do have a few ideas already brewing. If you have anything that you feel would be interesting, please let me know in the comments below and I'll see if it's something that I could write about. 

A Work in Progress

As life is messy, I suspect this change of direction will be as well. My working idea is that I will not use a content calendar, which is something I would do for a site I am trying to grow and sell. Instead, I will tackle ideas and topics as they present themselves to me in my daily life. 

Some of it may be evergreen, and some of it may be very seasonal or situational. But, all of it will be relevant to this type of lifestyle. 

I'm sure there will be changes and pivots along the way. 

That's all I have for now. Wish me luck!