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Why I Use Clicky Analytics for Affiliate Websites

statistics and analytics

It doesn’t matter if you are new to digital marketing or an old hat, you probably know how valuable analytics are to the success of you your your clients websites. On the off chance that you aren’t sure why you should have some type of analytics tool monitoring each and every site you work on, […]

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What Exactly is a Niche Edit?


If you have been researching different ways to get more backlinks for your website, you may have come across the phrase niche edit which are sometimes also referred to a ninja edits. They may sound like some super secret black hat SEO secret. But, in reality they aren’t all that complicated to understand.  A niche edit is […]

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Human Proof Designs Article Service Review

content creation

If you’ve ever read any of my posts on the niche site challenge, you should know I am a pretty big fan of Dom over at Human Proof Designs. The main reason is I feel the team he has put together is both friendly and that they offer very good value for their products and […]

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Micro-Niche Site vs. Authority Site

think big

When is comes to building a profitable web property, there are two basic general options people tend to gravitate towards: small hyper-targeted sites or chunkier sites designed o deliver seriously detailed and useful content. The smaller sites are often referred to as micro sites or micro-niche sites. The bigger more authoritative sites are not surprisingly referred […]

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National SEO vs. Local SEO


All SEO is not the same. There are two very different major categories, and while they share some similarities, they have some distinct differences as well. I’ve worked front-and-center in both industries, so I have first-hand experience on how to handle them appropriately.via GIPHYWhat is National SEO?Most people usually just say “SEO” when referring to national search […]

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