When is comes to building a profitable web property, there are two basic general options people tend to gravitate towards: small hyper-targeted sites or chunkier sites designed o deliver seriously detailed and useful content.

The smaller sites are often referred to as micro sites or micro-niche sites. The bigger more authoritative sites are not surprisingly referred to as authority sites.


What Type of Website is Right for You?

Both of these website style have various pros and cons, so it’s hard to say that one is better than the other. Instead, you should decide which one is better for you.

Some questions to consider before you lay out your strategy are:

What is a Micro-Niche Site?

A micro-niche site is generally a very small site, anywhere from a few pages to about a maximum of twenty pages, give or take a few.

The are usually very sales-based, but some that monetize through ads are informational in nature.

Some of the more common ways these sites make money are by:

Many of these micro-niche style sites focus on products reviews targeting best and reviewskeywords. You will find some however that are built around easy-to-rank keywords that get reasonable volume and aren’t built to sell or pitch anything and simply serve ads to readers.

A great example of one of these smaller micro-niche sites is BirdFeedersSpot.com.

I found it by poking around Google with best keywords. It was showing on page 1 for me.

Since I have been working in this field for awhile I was 99% certain it was going to a small affiliate site from the domain name, and when I clicked through it was easy to see I was correct.

You can quickly see that it’s monetized through Amazon and it only has about 60 pages (which is actually on the high end for a lot of these types of sites).

These aren’t criticisms as the owner obviously did a great job of putting this site together and getting it ranked. I’m just pointing out that it was made to focus on a very granular niche and do so without investing thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours doing so.

Also, I’m not digging in to the quality of the content or the methods use to get the site ranking as that’s not the point of this post. It’s merely an example of what a micro-niche site can look like.

The purpose of this style of site is to help the reader with a purchasing decision, and hopefully do so on their first visit. This isn’t the type of site that would have a big following.

What is an Authority Site?

On the opposite side of the website spectrum are authority sites. They are exactly what he name implies.

An authority site is built with the intent of being the go to source of information on whatever niche the site is about. They are typically much larger than micro-sites with hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages.

An example of an authority site is SkinnyYoked.com.

I discovered this site when researching some specific fitness terms. It popped up for several of them, and as I was unfamiliar of the site and its branded domain I clicked through.

When comparing it to the micro-niche site above you can clearly see the difference.

Firstly, it has a lot more content. Added to that the content isn’t hyper-focused.

It’s all about fitness and how ectomorphs can put on muscle, but its far from a best or reviewsstyle site focusing on one small range of products or services.

This site’s goal is to gain the trust of readers hoping they come back often. By giving away tons of useful information it can gain repeat and loyal fans/customers. But, this type of site takes a long time to build up and even an even longer time to build the all important readership.


There’s not one right way to make a site you plan to monetize. Small micro-niche site can go up quick and start earning in a short period of time.

With that quick build and rank setup though usually comes a low ceiling as far as earning potential is concerned.

On the other hand, authority sites can earn in multiple ways from the reader reader time and time again. But, it takes a lot more time, money, and energy to build one and to get it earning.

The plus side is that authority sites tend to have much higher potential earnings ceilings.

Only you can decide which style site you want to make. Just remember to solid plan in place no matter which type you settle on.

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