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$1,000 Challenge: Update 1


First, I want to thank everyone who has entered the contest and is following along. We have about 130 entries so far.  I am really aiming for about 250 unique entries, so hopefully the word continues to spread. If you have yet to enter, you can do so here – *The Entry Period for This Contest is Closed Now, let’s […]

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$1,000 Outsourced Niche Site Challenge & Giveaway


Are you ready for some Internet marketing and SEO fun? I hope so, because I am. At least, I hope this is fun and not a massively stressful and sadistic online adventure I’m exposing myself to. So, what is the $1,000 challenge the title refers to? It’s a pretty simple idea where I put $1,000 of my […]

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Micro-Niche Site vs. Authority Site

think big

When is comes to building a profitable web property, there are two basic general options people tend to gravitate towards: small hyper-targeted sites or chunkier sites designed o deliver seriously detailed and useful content. The smaller sites are often referred to as micro sites or micro-niche sites. The bigger more authoritative sites are not surprisingly referred […]

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How to Compete With Service Industry Juggernauts


Long gone are the Wild West days of the Internet when AOL ruled over other ISPs and AltaVista was a preferred search engine. For many sectors, the big brands have claimed their territory and settled in. Google has claimed victory in the great search engine wars and Amazon is the king of e-commerce. There are of […]

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SEO Gurus

seo gurus

The world of digital marketing and in particular SEO is wrought with tons of snake oil salesmen and women. They are typically referred to as SEO gurus. They might not use this term to describe themselves, but it’s a popular term that’s pushed onto the more vocal marketers that market to fellow marketers (say that three […]

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