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White Hat vs. Gray Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

different hats

There’s a lot of misuse of digital marketing terms in the industry, and it can cause all sorts of communication problems. Whether you’re having a strategy talk in-house, or talking with a client or potential client, making sure you’re all on the same page about what exactly you mean when you toss around industry jargon […]

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About Pages, Contact Pages, Sitemaps, and More

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If you look at many of the top pages for whatever main keywords you’re considering targeting, you’ll notice a common thread. They all look like complete websites. What I mean is that they aren’t skeleton sites of only thin content wrapped around a keyword. They have an about page, a contact page, a sitemap, navigation, images, […]

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Internal Links and Outbound Links


The Internet is not millions of individual units of information known as websites. Instead, try and think of it like an ecosystem of interlinked species, or a spiderweb where each strand connects to other strands. It’s extremely natural to link from one page of your website to another page of your website, Likewise, it’s extremely natural […]

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Images and SEO


Adding pictures to your website is a very easy way to make it much more visually appealing to your visitors. And, there’s the added bonus that it’s great for SEO too. Images actually effect your website’s SEO efforts in two ways. 1. The parts of the image that Google and the other search engines read is direct. 2. […]

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Website Copy and Content


You’ve probably heard this before, and if you haven’t, you will — Content. Is. King. The content on your site, and how you present it, are both extremely important to your readers and your SEO efforts. To keep things simple, I’m going to save discussing topics like where and how to use keywords in your writing as well […]

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