Human Proof Designs: Websites & Services Review

I am a pretty big fan of the team over at Human Proof Designs. I feel the team is both friendly and that they offer very good value for their products and services from websites to link building.

Now, I am not claiming that everything they do is the best ever. That would be a ridiculous tout. However, I do feel you get a good bang for your buck with most of their offerings.

What I really like is how they are constantly adding new service options and working on improving those they already offer. 

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Website Service Overview

While Human Proof Designs offers a lot of digital marketing support services, their main service is selling websites. They got their start building and selling sites that were focused mainly on the affiliate marketing model (Amazon and Clickbank). 

They offer much more than that now. Here are the types of websites they sell: 

  • Affiliate sites (ready made or custom built)
  • Dropshipping sites
  • Local lead generation sites

No matter which of the above options you prefer they are all designed very nicely using premium themes. 

The main reasons on why you would want to take advantage of having HPD create your site for you are that it saves you time and if you’re new to the online marketing world, their sites all come with training and a growth plan. 

It’s up to you to actually grow the site into a money maker, but if you want to get started with affiliate websites, dropshipping e-commerce or local lead gen and don’t want the headache of building your own site from scratch, HPD has your covered. 

They are also really affordable. 

See them for yourself by clicking here.

Content Service Overview

Human Proof Designs currently offers a few different content options. The four main categories are:

  • o​​​​ne-time purchase article packs
  • hands-off monthly article subscriptions
  • e-books
  • storyboard videos

Aside from the three different options, when buying articles you can also choose either standard quality content or premium quality content.

Real Example of a Human Proof Designs Product Review

Reviewing content without showing an example would be insincere. So, I decided to order a single post that mirrors exactly what you would get from a larger article pack and publish it here.

This is a real example of:

  • a 1,000 word product review
  • standard quality content
  • 100% unedited – I copy/pasted this directly from the document I received

All that I did was give them the word count, the main topic/keyword, and asked for a Amazon review.

They did the rest from picking the products to writing and formatting the content.

There are many features to consider when looking at some of the best dog beds. Not all pets have the same requirements. You might need one for a large animal, or you might need it to meet certain medical specifications.

If your pet is in recovery, then certain features, such as bolsters for extra support and a good interior filling, are required. Most times, getting a bed with memory foam is the best choice. Some products list what requirements they meet, so it’s best to pay attention when reading them.

A vet will most likely point you in the right direction when it’s time to buy a dog bed. However, innovations happen often and not even professionals can keep up with everything new that’s hitting the shelves.

Although this may require a bit more work on your end, as long as you want your pet to be comfortable and make a quick recovery, it’s worth not being an impulse buyer. Our list features some of the best dog beds for different situations. This comparison will help guide you towards getting the right dog bed for you and your dog.

Top 5 Best Dog Beds

Suede Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

This suede dog bed is one of the best dog beds you can find for your small furry companion. It comes in a bagel shape with a slightly raised outline. This can come in handy with extra back support, and it also makes the bed more appealing to the dog.

This is a 24-inche long and 18-inche wide bed. The bolster is 7 inches tall, while the cushion has a height of 6 inches. This combination makes for a comfortable setting, and the suede feels great on the fur.

A waterproof denier is used at the base. This can protect your furniture or carpets from any unwanted accidents. If you’re looking to make your small pet more comfortable, this is one of the best dog beds you can find.


  • Fully washable
  • Waterproof base denier
  • The bagel shape makes a cozier environment for the pet


  • Doesn’t fit in a regular washing machine
  • Can only accommodate small dogs

Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre Pet Beds for Dogs & Cats by MidWest Homes for Pets

This model features a skid-free base design. It is thus an excellent choice if you are looking at the best dog beds that can also be used in a vehicle or a pet carrier. If you own a playful animal, you won’t have to worry about the bed sliding all over the house.

The plush cushion is all about comfort. The use of high-end materials also means you won’t have to replace this bed for a long time. The only maintenance required is an occasional brushing and a cycle in the washing machine, which is what exactly what you need from any of the best dog beds on the market.


  • Can fit in washing machine
  • Can be used in cars and pet carriers
  • Very comfortable plush design
  • Skid-free base


  • No waterproof base

Petsbao Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed & Lounge

When it comes to the best dog beds available, few can achieve more comfort than this model from Petsbao. Its 39” x 30.5” x 9.8” length, width, and height ratio make this bed truly king-size and quite comfortable for longer and heavier dogs. The bed can hold a pet as heavy as 100 pounds with ease.

Washing is as easy as unzipping the covers and throwing them in the washing machine. Although it gives an extra level of comfort, the memory foam mattress is not as easy to wash.

Not all dog bed manufacturers think of every possible scenario. This product outclasses many of its competitors because it was designed with sick pets in mind. The memory foam and cushion support aim to ease the pain from arthritis or hip dysplasia.


  • Pain relieving
  • Can accommodate large dogs
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Memory foam
  • Waterproof liner


  • The mattress is not the easiest to wash

Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

This dog bed has the interior measurements of 30” x 18”, which makes it good for both small and average-sized pets. Like all other products from Majestic Pet, it also comes with a waterproof denier base to keep your house clean in case of unfortunate accidents.

The filling is polyester and it can withstand a warm and low washing machine cycle. The bolsters are supportive enough to let your dog keep its spine straight when resting on them. They provide the perfect balance between soft and hard.


  • Fully washable quality materials
  • Waterproof denier base
  • Bolsters for spine support
  • Can fit dogs up to 70lbs in weight


  • Because of its dimensions, it won’t fit inside an average-sized washing machine
  • The cotton is easy to clean, but still subject to wear and tear

Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton by Snoozer

This product from Snoozer is really one of the best dog beds available. It is the only one on our list that has lining for extra warmth in the winter, as well as a cover. Your dogs can get underneath and be partially protected from drafts.

A heavy-duty zipper is used to protect the covers from tearing. What you see is what you get with this dog bed. This means that the 45” x 45” x 12” length to weight to height ratio also makes up for the full usable surface.


  • Fits large dogs
  • Extra warm lining
  • Heavy duty zippers


  • Hard to clean
  • The overhead cover cannot be unzipped


Whether your dog is healthy or in recovery, premium orthopedic dog bed from Petsbao will give them all the comfort they need. This extra-large design can easily fit any pet that weighs up to 100 pounds.

It features easy access in the front, and has bolsters in the back and on the sides. These will help your dog rest its head or back. The solid memory foam is comfortable and also recommended for most recovery situations.

This is one of the best dog beds out there because it offers everything you could ask for. Its durability and versatility make it a good deal even if your pet doesn’t need it for medical reasons.

What I Like

I paid a bit more for this as it was a single piece of content, but if I would have purchased an article pack like what you normally would do when building or bulking up a site, I would have gotten a pretty decent deal.

Aside from being priced very reasonably, it was a very simple ordering process. I gave the HPD team almost no information and still received a very usable piece of content.

And, as far as the formatting goes, I like how it’s written with small chunky paragraphs and that it uses a lot of headings. It makes it very easy to transfer over to a site and style it for publication.

What Could be Better

I personally don’t like using my main target keyword in both the H1 (title) and the H2. If I was going to use this as a real piece of content, I would need to edit that. It wouldn’t take much time, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

I also don’t like the product titles. They are basically just ripped right from the Amazon product pages and tend to be a little clunky. I would rewrite these before using it on a site.

Overall, if you are looking for decent content for a great price for your affiliate site, I’d consider using HPD’s content services. I personally like the 20,000 word article pack, but the monthly articles are a great idea too for really growing a site.

Is it perfect? Of course not. But, for this price, I think it’s a great value and does the job for affiliate sites.

SEO Service Overview

Having a website and marketing it are two different things.The team at Human Proof Designs knows that in order to get your new site making money, you are going to have to drive traffic to it. 

There are a few ways to do so such as paid traffic or via an email list. But, a lot of the affiliate marketing and lead generation world rely on SEO traffic. 

If you have you own SEO strategy or team, you probably won’t need to use these services.If you do not or are looking for a little extra boost, then they might be perfect for your needs. 

Like their website offerings, HPD has grown from only offering PBN links to having a nice menu of SEO service options.

Now they offer: 

  • All-inclusive SEO packages
  • Guest posts
  • One-off and monthly PBN links
  • Press releases

The all-inclusive package is nice for those that want their SEO as hands-off as possible as you can get keyword research, on-page optimizations and link building all in one package. 

Guest posts and PBN links are there to fulfill your ink building needs as are press releases. 

See them all for yourself here

In Summary

Human Proof Designs has grown from a one trick pony selling pre-made affiliate websites to a company that now offers so much more. From a variety of different websites to content and even SEO services, they are a one-stop shop for those looking to get started in the world of online marketing. 

They offer a lot of value for your money and their support is superb.