What Exactly is a Niche Edit?

If you have been researching different ways to get more backlinks for your website, you may have come across the phrase niche edit which are sometimes also referred to a ninja edits. They may sound like some super secret black hat SEO secret. But, in reality they aren’t all that complicated to understand. 

A niche edit is basically the same as any other kind of backlink. It’s a clickable link using some kind of anchor text on someone else’s website linking to yours. But, where do they get their name from?

The big difference is how this type of link is acquired.

Instead of naturally acquiring a link in a new piece of content that a website publishes or placing a link to your site in a guest post you give to another website, these edits are placed in already existing content. In other words, older content is edited for the sole purpose of adding a link to your website. 


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How or Where Do You Get Them?

Knowing what they are is only part of the equation. Knowing how to get them if they are something you feel you want to add to your off-page SEO efforts is important too. 

Like other types of backlinks, you have a few different options you can try.


The obvious way to try and get some ninja edits is the same way you try to get anything in life: you ask for them. 

You can do this a couple of different ways. One is to find websites that already have a post about a type of product or service you offer. You can then send them an email, show them a post on your site that might be useful resource to their readers, and suggest they create a link in their post. 

For example, if you have a resource showing or explaining the differences between motor oil weights, you might look for websites that have posts about how to change a car’s oil and show them your resource asking for them to link to it. If they think it’s well put together they might honor your request. 

Does this work? Sometimes you’ll get lucky, but like most vanilla outreach, the conversion rate is pretty low. You can improve that conversion rate significantly by offering the website owner some sweet cash money for their time if you aren’t opposed to paying for links. 

Use a Service

By far the easiest way to get some fat juicy niche edits for your website or websites is to pass on trying to do the work yourself and instead employ the services of someone that already has a lot of contacts. This is going to save you an unbelievable amount of time. 

Here’s a service that I have personally used and am very happy with the results thus far: Serpwolf’s Edits

Pro Tip: Opt for the RD400 sites to get the most bang for your buck.

There are other services too but many of them are just reselling someone else’s services and tacking on a healthy margin. I try to avoid those as I don’t see the point of paying a middle man to simply forward my information to a vendor I could contact myself. 

Why and How to Use Them

There are a couple of straight forward reasons on why you might direct some of your resources toward niche edits instead instead or guest posts. 

First, they offer your site a bit of diversity due to being placed on aged posts. If your only link building strategy is guest posts, all of your links are going to come from newly published posts. By working some edits in, you will have links coming from aged posts too. 

Secondly, and this kind of goes along with the first reason, is that these older posts should have a bit more authority than a brand new post. They also might have a tier of links of their own, which a new post will never have. 

Another vey solid reason to add some ninja edits to your link building campaign is that if you use a service you free up a lot of your time to focus on other aspects of your website, like writing content or working on sales funnels. 

They can also be cost effective as you don’t need to supply new content. Just make sure you aren’t using a reseller as that will quickly cut into the savings you can realize from not needing to have content written. 

That’s why I buy straight from Serpwolf on Konker and Legitt


Adding more methods to your SEO arsenal for getting quality backlinks is never a bad thing. Getting website owners to edit old posts is a perfect example of that. 

The methods of how to get them I listed above are just the surface when it comes to opportunities. With a little creativity you can increase the amount and the quality of the edits you are able to build.