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Using Upwork as a Freelancer


Excuse my delay in posts, but I’ve been been setting up and working on my done-for-you link building service. While I have been getting that running, it gave me a chance to really get to mess around with one of the more popular freelancer platforms, Upwork.  If you are not familiar with Upwork, it’s basically a platform […]

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$1,000 Challenge: Final Update + Special Offer!


It’s been awhile, but now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work.  I originally stated the giveaway would be on 1/20/2018. But, as we’re basically done (no more money!), I figured handing it over a few days early is fine.  First, I want to summarize the whole process and see where we […]

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Human Proof Designs Article Service Review

content creation

If you’ve ever read any of my posts on the niche site challenge, you should know I am a pretty big fan of Dom over at Human Proof Designs. The main reason is I feel the team he has put together is both friendly and that they offer very good value for their products and […]

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$1,000 Challenge: Update 6

burning money

We are really moving along now. It’s been a few weeks since the last update. But that’s because I have not done much but try to have some patience, which seems like a truly important character trait to have in modern SEO. The biggest work that was done (outsourced) last update was getting some links from […]

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$1,000 Challenge: Update 5

chain links

The giveaway site is up, it has content, and that content is indexing. Now the real fun starts! Having a nice niche site is great, but it’s just a toy if it’s not earning any revenue.  Good long-form content, like what you can get from HPD’s content service is a solid first step. With decent keyword research, […]

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