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Making Money at Home

Whether you are sick and tired of dealing with frustrating office politics and long commutes, or you’re currently unemployed and looking for a way to start earning a decent living, working from home is more possible than ever.

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Internet Marketing

Starting or buying a website is only part of the getting involved in affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or running your own online business. You also need to learn how to market your website using paid traffic, SEO, and more.

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Lifestyle Design

Creating a lifestyle where the way your earn your income allows you to live your life the way you want, from traveling the world to walking your children to the school bus every morning, is a truly priceless endeavor.

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Who is Tim?

Timothy Backes

If you haven’t yet figured out by the name of this site, my name is Timothy Backes. I could start telling you about who I think I am, or going on about what I think you want to hear. But, Instead I think the best way to get to know more about me is to tell you who and what I am not.

I am not a multi-millionaire that’s going to show you how to make $9,762.57 a day with little to no work.

I am not a 19-year-old free of obligations that can drop everything and run off to share a $300/month apartment in Asia or South America with a couple friends while working on online businesses.

I am not someone that was able to live off the fruits of someone’s labors as I did not have access to interest free loans from family members or have a rich uncle subsidize my business for years.

So, who am I?

I am a single father in my forties. I was born into a lower middle class family. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

I took out student loans to help fund my university education, and have since paid them back in full.

I’ve freelanced, worked as a teacher, for start ups, and at agencies.

I have given up the office life and have worked remotely for the last several years.

And, I’m debt free, have had the freedom to visit over a dozen countries and counting, plus I have plenty of quality time left over to spend with my daughter.

I can’t teach you how to become independently wealthy in 12 months.

I can’t show you how to SEO your website to #1 in 24 hours.

I can’t help you go from an office worker to a digital overlord overnight.

But, I can share my experiences along with the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along my journey from working at a car wash for minimum wage to living a happy life with minimal stress and no regrets.


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