Hello, I'm Tim

I am a digital marketer, professional SEO consultant and writer.

I help local businesses, affiliate marketers, e-commerce websites and SaaS operations boost their profits through SEO, content marketing and improving conversion rates (CRO).

I'd love to meet you and learn about your online business.

My Services

My SEO consultant services aim to increase organic traffic to your website with an emphasis on Google’s search engine as well as maximize the lifetime value of everyone that visits. Here are some of the ways I help do that.

Website Optimization

Your website will only perform for your business if it’s up to par. Having keyword optimized headings, titles and copy are important to your organic rankings. But, you cannot neglect your potential customers’ on-site experience either. I want to make your business’s website both search engine and user friendly. 

Content Marketing

Having other online businesses highlight yours is a strong vote of confidence. Whether it’s to highlight how well your homepage is designed or to cite a useful case study you’ve published, your business becomes an authority when other authorities reference it. I want to make your business an online powerhouse.

Conversion Optimisation

Every click is important. Make sure you convert as many website visitors as possible. CRO allows you to increase revenue and profits without the need to increase traffic to your business website. Conversion optimization is even more powerful when paired with traffic increasing services like SEO, PPC and more. 

"SEO is vital to my business's success and back links are a big part of that. Tim was able to help me place posts on some great sites that were very relevant to the industry I operate within."
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Ben C.
Small Business Owner

What is an SEO consultant?

First and foremost SEO consultants are experts in optimizing websites for search engines. This is done to help businesses improve their organic search rankings and drive more traffic to their website with the primary goal of increasing conversions and generating a positive ROI. 

An SEO consultant will typically use a variety of techniques, including keyword research, link building and on-page search engine optimization. As a consultant they will generally offer a variety of recommendations, but it’s up to individual companies to execute those recommendations based on what their overall marketing strategy allows for.

But, how do you know if this type of service is right for your company’s needs and how to go about finding the right person for the job?

Here are some common questions I receive that can help you understand more about what to expect should you decide to move forward.


  1. What is your SEO experience?

I have over a decade of SEO experience working in a variety of settings from agencies to in-house to freelance.  I have build and sold websites, consulted solo entrepreneurs, local businesses and large companies. If it has anything to do with search engine optimization, at some point I’ve done it. 

2. What is your approach to SEO?

My approach is very comprehensive and detailed. I believe that starting with the site wide basics and best practices and then slowly fine tuning a website to maximize the value of the most important pages allows for intelligent usage of limited resources. I also understand the need to ensure your business website not only appears attractive to Google’s algorithm but maintaining a positive user experience is key to making the most out of the organic traffic growth you gain.

3. What are the tools and techniques you use?

Some common tools of the trade that I prefer to use are Ahrefs, Zoom, Loom, spreadsheets and of course Google. 

I work lean and don’t waste any resources on fancy reports or use a bloated team. 

Techniques are dependent on your individual needs, but as a consultant I often find myself heavily involved in keyword research and keyword mapping, website and content audits, reviewing analytics data, reviewing and auditing backlinks and developing individualized SEO strategies.

4. What are your consultation service rates?

As every business and every website is different, I operate on a sliding scale. I am however 100% transparent from the beginning. If you want to learn more, please contact me for a free consolation and custom quote

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Time is money

Every day that your website isn’t meeting its potential is a day of missed opportunity. And, every hour you spend fidgeting with your website or reaching out to other website owners without direction is an hour you aren’t spending on running your business.

Take your time back now.

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