Digital Marketing Resources

Over the years I have used a lot software applications or services for making and marketing websites. I’ve also had the luxury of having the resources to run a few different tests that I turned into case studies. I decided it would make sense to make a list of everyting here in one place for easy reference.

I either still use them, or have used them at one point.

I also want to be clear that with this list, as on this site, I may receive a commission should you decide to purchase one or more of these resources at no extra cost to you.

Now, on to the list!

Website Hosting

WPX – WPX is owned by one of the more stellar SEO’s in the world, Terry Kyle. You can be sure that it’s designed with SEO in mind. Aside from  that, it’s just really quick hosting that is easy to use and has world class support. It’s my go-to for most of my new sites and offers incredible value.

Try WPX here

Siteground – Siteground is a great option for smaller sites. Their support is quite good, the hosting is easy to use and set up especially if you’re using WordPress. Best of all, if you pay for three years worth of hosting up front you can score an amazing discount. 

I highly recommend both of the hosting providers above. 

Try Siteground here

Domain Registrar

There are plenty of places to buy your website name from, but I only use a couple domain registrars. Namecheap is by far my favorite place to register new domains names.

They are reasonably priced, but on top of that, they are about as transparent of a company that you’ll ever do business with. They offer great prices and better service. And, unlike some other registrars, they never spam you with up-sells. 

I highly recommend choosing Namecheap for your domain registration needs.

Try Namecheap here

Website Content Writing

If you aren’t writing your own content, finding reliable writers and services can be a serious challenge. Even if you are writing your own, you will probably need to get some outside help at some point when you start to scale up.

Human Proof Designs has two quality levels of content to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. And, the prices are a serious value.

I highly recommend choosing Human Proof Designs for your website content needs.

Try Human Proof Designs here

Full Service SEO Provider

While I am admittedly bias as I work with Smash Digital, I am extremely confident in Smash’s services.

Smash Digital offers fully managed SEO service packages tailored to fit your firm’s budget and needs. You can also get an in-depth technical SEO audit to make sure your website is ready for off-page work.

I highly recommend choosing Smash Digital for your SEO service needs.

Try Smash Digital here

Keyword Research Software

Keyword research is an integral part of Digital marketing. Ignoring it is a serious mistake. 

Here are some of the best tools I prefer over the many various options out there.

KWFinder – A self-explanatory web hosted app, KWFinder is a quick and easy way to find a keyword’s search volume and relative difficulty as well as the websites currently ranking on the first page.

They offer a 10-day free trial so you can try before you buy. 

Try KWFinder here

SEMrush – From my understanding, SEMrush was originally designed mainly for those doing keyword research for paid search. But, it’s a tool that has grown over the years and is no equally useful for SEO as well. 

It does so much that I can’t honestly do it justice with only a couple of sentences. 

Like KWFinder, SEMrush lets you give it a try before you have to pay, so it’s worth checking out. 

Try SEMrush here

Ahrefs – While known mostly as a back link checker, Ahrefs has added its own keyword research tool built in to the platform. 

Like everything Ahrefs does, they did a fantastic job — definitely worth checking out. 

Try Ahrefs here

Case Studies

Having compiled a lot of data over the years I’ve been able to put together a couple of case studies to share.


Other Resources


The products and services above are those that I feel are well worth the money. There are a whole heck of a lot that didn’t make the list because of poor usability, horrible customer service or some other reason that made me feel I wasn’t getting what I paid for.

I will do my best to keep this list up to date by adding new tools I try and like, and cleaning up old ones that don’t keep their quality where they should.